European Adventures – First Stop, Dublin

Year in School: 2nd Year Grad Student
Major: Health and Human Sciences
Hometown: Decatur, IL

Top o’ the morning to ya and Happy St. Patrick’s Day!


Today, March 17th, I begin my adventures in Europe thanks to a scholarship offered through the College of Health and Human Sciences. My first stop is Dublin, Ireland, to visit a friend of mine studying abroad this semester. Turns out, flying into Dublin from O’Hare is one of the cheapest flights into Europe! In case anyone else needs an excuse to visit Ireland.

For one week I will experience the wonderful green land of my ancestors. I am looking forward to a weekend in Galway, seeing the Dead Sea scrolls, visiting the Guinness Brewery, and attending a nutrition class with my friend in Ireland. Perhaps we’ll find some Irish dancing lessons too!

Lots of things are racing through my mind as I carry all of my belongings for 6 months in my backpack, purse, and one suitcase from the car to the check-in kiosk at O’Hare. I have an tremendous amount of respect for people who travel for a living or spend much time from home. I will certainly miss my family and friends, but know I have their love and support as I journey towards this new world, rich in history. Some encouraging words from my dad were to learn, love, and live while I’m in Europe.

I am so blessed that NIU has led me to a gateway to seeing the world. Stay tuned for more updates on my travels at

Ciao for now!

Rachel McBride

Written by Rachel McBride

My name is Rachel McBride and I am a second year graduate nutrition student and dietetic intern at Northern Illinois University. I have the amazing opportunity to live in Rome and intern with the Food and Agriculture Organization thanks to the Pearson Worldview Internship Award offered through NIU's College of Health and Human Sciences. To see the background on this trip, check out the NIU Today story. Stay tuned for some updates from my adventures!