Cultivating a University Experience

Year in School: Senior
Major: Political Science
Hometown: Naperville, IL

Cultivating a university experience that spans far beyond the classroom and, even further, beyond our very campus is a prospect that inspires me daily to create a lasting and positive influence on student life here at NIU. My name is Nathan Lupstein and I currently serve as NIU’s Student Association President. As the year is about to begin, our staff has already been working tirelessly to assure evident change is being created here on campus.


I believe the most invigorating facet of being a student here at NIU is the opportunity before us to not only find direction and passion, but to really find ourselves through being exposed to countless intriguing people. Throughout my time here at NIU, I have been involved in fifteen student organizations. I have an insatiable curiosity and desire to build my knowledge of fellow students, my course of study, and of myself, and these involvement opportunities have really provided an outlet for my curiosity to flourish. While serving as both the president of the Student Association and my fraternity, Sigma Nu, I have been granted the fulfilling privilege of interacting with some truly remarkable young minds. As the fall semester begins, I passionately encourage all of our students to actively engage themselves in our university community. As a student association, we oversee and provide funding for all of our recognized organizations. In addition to diligently supporting and enriching the student involvement experience here at NIU, there is a vast array of other pressing initiatives we will be working toward this year as your premier student advocacy group.

One proposal we are particularly excited about is the creation of a new director position in our executive cabinet—the Director of Environmental Affairs. The journey of creating a more green campus and practicing more efficient methods of sustainability throughout our campus is paramount not only to the success of our university, but also in assuring the collective wellness of our campus community.  We will also being working tenaciously to ignite the beginning of what we hope to be the national “No Shame Campaign.” The issues of mental health awareness and eliminating stigma associated with seeking professional help are constructs that we as a student association are fearlessly working to dissemble. This campaign will focus on creating a more welcoming and understanding culture regarding mental health on campus, reinforcing the fact that there is “no shame” in seeking support for our mental wellness.

As your dedicated representatives, it is essential for us to express to the student body that this is YOUR university. You deserve to be empowered daily—empowered with knowledge, empowered with community, and empowered with opportunity. Join the Student Association on our journey this year to create evident change here on campus!

Written by Nathan Lupstein