24-Hour Huskie Hack

Year in School: Graduate Student
Major: Public Administration
Hometown: Antioch, IL

September; usually this month brings to mind images of football games, breaking out those scarves and boots, and everything pumpkin flavored. This year, however, September has a little something else to offer. In just a few weeks’ time the Holmes Student Center will transform into a technology and information hub for the 24 hour Huskie Hack. The Huskie Hack is an opportunity for students interested in social change, coding, or both to work to together to build an application for a community partner. The best part of the event? It’s free.


For those of you who know how to code, you’re all ready to sign up now, right? For those of you who have no idea what the difference between Java and C++ is, I still encourage you to attend. Throughout the event there will be different Tech Talks, with focuses on both basic coding and technology. The Huskie Hack organizers also want to encourage non-techies to attend because everyone, regardless of their tech savvy, can bring something different to the table in creating an app.

Did I mention that there are prizes? There will be a number of prizes awarded to select teams involved in the Hack. Prizes will be awarded based on innovativeness, impact, market viability, functionality, and usability on the network. Even if you don’t win a prize, you’ll have the opportunity to check out some sweet technology, including an Oculus Rift and a 3-D Printer.

The Huskie Hack will take place September 26-27 from noon to noon, so be sure to bring a sleeping bag to catch some zzzz’s between all the application building fun. Food and caffeine will be provided. For more information, and to register, go to www.huskiehack.org.


Written by Juliana Leprich