NIU Huskie Hack is Finally Here!

Year in School: Graduate Student
Major: Public Administration
Hometown: Antioch, IL


It’s finally here! It’s hack week! With the Huskie Hack coming up in just a few short days you might be wondering what the game plan is. Certainly we won’t be “hacking” the whole time, will we? There are scheduled activities, TED Talks, and meetings with tech companies throughout the event that will allow hackers to take a break from coding and maybe learn something cool along the way.

Earlier this week, the final list for teams was released. While there are a few teams that were put together beforehand, many individuals who signed up for the Huskie Hack will be meeting their teammates for the first time on Saturday at noon.

Now I suppose you are wondering how you can follow all of the action during the Hack. As always, the Facebook page will be a fabulous resource for updated information. And don’t forget to follow us on Twitter!


You can also check out the NIU Huskie Hack schedule.

Written by Juliana Leprich