People of NIU – Valerie


Valerie Notarnicoloa, a sophomore from Algonquin, Illinois majoring in art education, used to have dark brown hair down to her back. And then she went through a bad break-up. She said goodbye to a boyfriend and goodbye to long brown hair in exchange for a shaved head with red locks. At first her parents weren’t on board, but then her mom came to accept it. “Okay, that suits you,” her mother said. Notarnicoloa agrees. “It matches me,” she said. “I’m an outgoing person. I’m that unique person with a willingness to meet people.” Notarnicoloa feels NIU in conducive to diversity, be it vibrant hair color or otherwise. “I love the people here,” Notarnicoloa said. “No one is rude or mean to me. Everyone is diverse here.”


Written by People of NIU