People of NIU – Kimmy


Kimmy Manno, a senior in Elementary Education from Morton Grove, Illinois poses outside of the Holmes Student Center (HSC); a place she is more that familiar with given her job as the HSC Programmer. She is in charge of creating and planning the many events for the students that take place at HSC. Manno didn’t begin in this role and didn’t seek it out.  She was looking for a campus job, and with her theater background from high school thought she may like to work in lighting. Soon she started playing more of a managing role, was recognized as being good at it and was promoted to a manager. She then worked on the Campus Activity Board. Again, her managing and organization skills where recognized, so the job of HSC Programmer became hers. Her vision for events? Simple enough. “I want everyone to enjoy NIU as much as I do.”


Written by People of NIU