People of NIU – Gonwo


Gonwo Dahnweih sits with the fifth of his six children, his last daughter, Ceverena. Dahnweih is a doctoral student at the College of Eduation and majoring in Literacy Education. He currently holds a masters degrees in Social Work and Intercultural Studies and has already worked in fields that support both. All three degrees as well as his experience with crisis assessment, social work and trauma will help him with what has always been a life-long goal; to return to his village of Monroe in Africa and help with educating the people who live there. It’s been 25 years since Dahnweih left his village and escaped being killed. Dahnweih will be returning to the area and helping with what has been a 40-year civil war. Dahnweih said he didn’t quite plan it out this way, but it’s all come together for him – even if it’s a little later in life. However according to Dahnweih, this is a common occurrence with the men in Africa. “We bloom late and work forever,” he said.


Written by People of NIU