Huskie Love

Picking a college is a huge choice for a teenager. There are so many variables that weigh in on the choice. I know some of my variables were the value of the education, location, and also the price of the school. I picked to come to NIU because it is only a little over an hour to my hometown, the price is lower compared to other colleges in Illinois, and I knew that I was going to receive a quality education here. I love going to NIU because it is everything I want in a college. The campus is big enough to be appealing to young adults, but its small enough to feel like you matter. I attended other colleges where I felt more like a number and less like a student. My class sizes are small and personal, and the professors are one of a kind. I feel as if they want me to succeed and not just graduate.


Dekalb feels like my home away from home not only because I live here most of the year, but because I am comfortable with everything around the area. I have my own place where I know that my parents aren’t going to be on my back about things and if gives me that much more responsibility and freedom. I also have many friends here that I can’t imagine not knowing! I have been here for three years, but have developed friendships that will last a lifetime. NIU is where I go to school, but I feel as if it is more than a place to get an education.

Written by Alex Oberman