18 Questions with a Huskie: Isaiah Booker

Isaiah Booker

Isaiah Booker on Pensacola Beach during NIU Sociology and LA&S Service Spring Break 2016.

Year:  Sophomore
Major: Community Leadership and Civic Engagement
From: Naperville, Ill.

Q: Are you reading anything good right now?
A: No by my favorite book is, “Monster” by Walter Dean Myers. It really relates to African American youth.

Q: What’s the last song you listened to?
A: “Bout It” by Jeremy Zucker.

Q: What’s your favorite spot to study on campus?
A: New Hall West. My room is spacious and good.

Q.Most interesting place you’ve traveled?
A: Costa Rica where I went to help build an orphanage in 2013. I plan to go back.

Q: If you could be any fictional character, who would you be and why?
A:  Steve Urkel, because we look alike.

Q: What are three things you could not live without?
A:  God, family and cell phone.

Q: What word or phrase do you most overuse?
A: Are you serious?

Q: What makes you laugh?
A: Dumb people

Q: Who do you admire?
A: My former high school psychology teacher. And, my mom.

Q: On the weekends you like to….
A: Watch the Bears the best football team in the Midwest #beardown. When my mom passed away we didn’t know where we were going to live. Someone from Chicago Bears called and told us (former) Bears player Charles Tillman wanted to help our family out. He gave us a house so I could finish out my high school career. We also got to go to VIP events.

Q: What is your biggest pet peeve?
A: Liars, because I will find out if you lie. So just don’t do it.

Q: What quality do you most admire in a classmate?
A: Someone who is a leader and not afraid to speak up.

Q: What quality do you most admire in a professor?
A: Someone who can connect with students on a deeper level.

Q: What is the biggest lesson you’ve learned at NIU?
A:  No one is going to care more than you.

Q: What was some advice a person gave you when you were young that you still hold onto today?
A: Your smile can get you everywhere in life.

Q: What is your favorite advice to share with first-year students?
A:  start off on a good note because it’s hard to get out of a hole. Be academically strong because if you get yourself in a hole it’s hard to get out.

Q: What do you want to do after NIU?
A: Work for a non-profit or start an international non-profit, one that focuses on inner city youth or one that focuses on kids who have lost parents.

Q: Where’s your favorite place to eat on campus?
A:  Dog pound deli, off campus, Chipotle

Written by Huskie Tales